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She was only:

Discussion in 'Comedy & Humor' started by Norwegian Viking, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Norwegian Viking

    Norwegian Viking Well-Known Member

    ...The Admiral’s daughter, but her naval base was always full of seamen.

    ...The Astronaut’s daughter, but she knew how to take off.

    ...The Athlete’s daughter, but she was always ready to play ball.

    ...The Barman’s daughter, but she knew how to pull them.

    ...The Bookbinder’s daughter, but she knew her way between the sheets.

    ...The Bricklayer’s daughter, but she was certainly stacked.

    ...The Cattleman’s daughter, but she couldn’t keep her calves together.

    ...The Carpenter’s daughter, but she always had tools in her box!

    ...The Chimney sweep’s daughter, but she could haul ash.

    ...The Communist’s daughter, but all the boys got a share.

    ...The Doctor’s daughter, but she really knew how to operate.

    ...The Electrician’s daughter, but she light up half the town.

    ...The Farmer’s daughter, but she knew hundreds of ways to fertilize.

    ...The Fisherman’s daughter, but all the guys swallowed her lines.

    ...The Florist’s daughter, but she had the best tulips in town.

    ...The Green grocer’s daughter, but her melons were the juiciest in town!

    ...The Insurance broker’s daughter, but all the guys liked her policy.

    ...The Milkman’s daughter, but she was cream of the crop.

    ...The Moonshiner’s daughter, but I love her still.

    ...The Musician’s daughter, but she knew all the bars in town.

    ...The Optician’s daughter, but after a few of glasses made a spectacle of herself.

    ...The Parachutist’s daughter, but she was free-4-all.

    ...The Photographer’s daughter, but she was really developed.

    ...The Pilot’s daughter, but she always kept her cockpit clean.

    ...The Postman’s daughter, but she always had mail in her box.

    ...The Real estate agent’s daughter, but she gave a lot away.

    ...The Steelworker’s daughter, but you should see that pig iron.

    ...The Telegrapher’s daughter, but she sure didit... didit... didit...

    ...The Tree feller’s daughter, but t’ree fellas were never enough for her.

    ...The Undertaker’s daughter, but she knew how to bury a stiff.

    ...The Vacuum salesman’s daughter, but she knew how to suck!

    ...The Violinist’s daughter, but she took off her G-string and all the boys fiddled.

    ...The Weatherman’s daughter, but she sure had a warm front.