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Argh! Government!!

Discussion in 'Social Issues' started by scx1984, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. scx1984

    scx1984 Lurker

    Look what I got in the mail this morning.... :ticked:


    To the best of my knowledge, the only ticket I got was last year when I got nailed for speeding 92km/h in a 80 km/h zone. The cop filed out the ticket wrong (wrote the name of the car as a Volkswagen. I was driving a Ford) and he didn't sign it or put his badge number on it, so I submitted to fight it in court. I never got my summons, and now my license is suspended....has been for a week.

    Fucking assholes. Now I have to go to the courthouse, pay the fine? and then go to the License Office and pay $150.00 to get my license back. This is complete bullshit.
  2. Green Tea

    Green Tea Tequila Mockinbird

    i know what your feeling

    Do you guys have that "Ez-Pass" in Canada?
    lmao.. ran that shit once.. bam. 75$ for running it, 12$ for not having a turnpike ticket.

    major sucks
  3. scx1984

    scx1984 Lurker

    EZ-Pass? You must mean the 407 ETR. That is another prime example of the lunacy of this government. The government spent $1.6 billion to build the highway, and over $100 billion to acquire the land it runs on. Then it sells it to a bunch of private investors for $3.1 billion.

    Now, when you drive the highway, the absurd rates (16.80 cents a kilometer) are given to a company, not the highway.

    Anyhow, I went down to the courthouse (illegally, I might add) and reminded them of my desire to fight the ticket. Apparently, no such record exists. So, I plead guilty and fucking paid the $120.00 for the ticket, then drove across town (still illegally) and got to the Driver's and Vehicles Office, where I paid $150.00 to have my license reinstated in 4-6 business days, where I have to go back (illegally again) and get it. Now I am home after drinking a few Rickard's Red pints at the local pub. :bat: :police:
  4. SurfSarge

    SurfSarge misfit

    Ouch..>Reminds me of NJ..So freakn easy to get everything you need down here in NC..In and out in 5 minutes no sitting at DMV for hours..Sounds like a scam to me scx wouldnt it be cheaper to hire a lawyer?
  5. scx1984

    scx1984 Lurker

    For a total of $270.00 worth of fines? One hour in court with a lawyer (let alone mine) costs around $1000.00

    Barrie is somewhat a lawyer town...we have our share of legal issues: (Sorry, SurfSarge, but this may hurt to see....) 8)

    Picture by Barrie Police Services

    BARRIE -- A marijuana "factory" concealed within a sprawling old brewery just steps from one of Ontario's busiest highways is proof Canada's pot problem has reached "epidemic proportions," police said yesterday. The former Molson brewery in Barrie, plainly visible from Highway 400, one of the province's busiest commuter routes, was raided on the weekend by about 100 city and provincial police officers acting on a tip.

    Inside, police found marijuana with what they said had an estimated street value of $30 million, along with a grow operation of staggering proportions -- the largest and most sophisticated in modern Canadian history.

    Courtesy of London Free Press 2004-01-13


    Be it the biggest pot bust in Canadian history or numerous Hells Angels and related gang busts. Or Extortion busts. You name it, Barrie gets it. Barrie is only 40 minutes north of Toronto, and Toronto has it's share of problems so we get all the people leaving it, whether they are moving for safety or moving to hide. And there are a lot more problems here than lawyers can handle. It's population went from somewhere near 80,000 people to almost 180,000 in only a bit over a decade.

    So I pay up and hope they don't squish my car or truck....

    check this stupidity...
  6. SurfSarge

    SurfSarge misfit

    Bummer...Welp it looks like it's time to move.Yeah that did hurt to see :D :'(
  7. travelman

    travelman Well-Known Member

    unfortunatly, it seems the only way to handle contacts with government officials is to bust their balls every day.

    like when you appealed, call the same day to let them know u are appealing, call next day to see if your appeal has gotten there, keep calling untill someone acknowledges, and get their name! keep calling everyday to see how far the process has moved.

    If i had insane amounts of money, i would dedicate my live to help people gotten in jams like this one to bust the official balls every day.

    One guy here in uppsala, in the community office, sat on some permit papers for 5 years before sending them to the next person in the chain of burecracy. CRAZY!
  8. scx1984

    scx1984 Lurker

    Meh, $270.00 worth of fines and fees isn't bad. And I got my money back!

    See, I found out when the infraction goes to the level of suspension, it turns from a highway traffic act violation to a simple non-payment fine. In other words, insurance is not affected and no demerit points are applied.

    I discovered this when I was chatting with my lawyer at the Barrie Rib Fest (one sweet festival) and he sent over a letter of inquiry on Monday. They reviewed and the case did go to court, the judge (although I was not present) noticed the "inconsistencies" on the ticket and threw it out. It was after that the ball got dropped. Someone didn't file the verdict and the fine went through the computer as guilty and suspended my license automatically. I got a cheque to the value of $270.00 and a letter of apology from the Mayor himself. All because I went for some beer and ribs down at the lake.

    What gets me now is this stupid "squishing street race cars" before they race bullshit. Michael Bryant, Attorney-General of Ontario, says he will pass legislation to crush street race cars based off the assumption that they are capable of racing. Which is one fuck load of bull shit if it happens. And before you say they can't do that, they outlawed Pit bulls here. You can't buy one, can't breed one and cannot own one that is not fixed. It's this same fucktard that came up with both of these commie schemes.
  9. Monstermash

    Monstermash Well-Known Member

    That's nasty :( The motorist always seems to be hit the hardest.