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Aquarium Computer

Discussion in 'Web Findings' started by SurfSarge, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. SurfSarge

    SurfSarge misfit

  2. Dennis

    Dennis R.I.P.

    Nice, just need some fake fish in there.

    I wonder how long the fan will last?

    Another liquid cooled computer.

  3. SurfSarge

    SurfSarge misfit

    Fan will last forever fish wouldnt last 15 minutes
    It's mineral Oil..
  4. Dennis

    Dennis R.I.P.

    You musta missed the "need some fake fish in there."
  5. StuPot

    StuPot Blah blah blah

  6. SurfSarge

    SurfSarge misfit

    Indeed I did..
  7. Green Tea

    Green Tea Tequila Mockinbird

    still workin on it.
    gonna be awhile tho.
    starting to get busy
  8. Scrappy

    Scrappy Well-Known Member