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So what are your views on the war in iraq?

Discussion in 'Social Issues' started by Laughing Man, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Laughing Man

    Laughing Man садистский делирий

    So what are your views on the war in iraq?
    Is it good?
    is it bad?
    is it a waste of time, money, and soldiers?

    what do YOU think about this shitz? ???
  2. Brownbearclan

    Brownbearclan Well-Known Member

    Wow that's a hard subject for me. Well I've had a good friend serve over there, so I value his input on the situation from his viewpoint, and it all seems pretty futile.

    I think that the resources could have been better spent on more pressing things like going into Afghanistan and such, not to mention back here at home where we still have mass poverty, no health and dental for most and such.

    Going forward I don;t what what be the best thing to do, becuase I do think if we up and pulled out now that place would really go to shit. But who knows, it may force them to get their shit together. The problem is that those people (I think) are easily swayed by outside influences and it could get real ugly.

    Overall, we need Osama Bin Dickhead dead and that's the bottom line. As long as he is still alive, Al Queda is still alive and they are the real enemy in all this mess.
  3. SnakeBabe

    SnakeBabe Well-Known Member

    I am so jaded by the media I wonder if we ever get enough truth to make an honest decision if an issue is a good or bad thing.
    Hugs and Hissessss,
  4. scx1984

    scx1984 Lurker

    That's a tough topic, mainly because my country is not directly involved in Iraq. But here are my opinions on the whole thing:

    Saddam Husein had to be eliminated, one way or another. It should have been done 15+ years ago.

    Whether or not there were WMD in Iraq, the country and it's leaders were/are loose cannons.

    I imagine America is learning it's lesson now, the hard way. Since it looks like Iran is going to be a problem, the powers that be in America should remember who put who in power in Iran circa early 1950's and not repeat these mistakes again.

    Same goes for Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden needs to be eliminated, Al-Qaeda brought down and Afghanistan fully liberated.

    Now Russia has a bunch of sand in their vagina and who knows what is going to come out of there.

    All in all, it's scary to think these things are climaxing now, and what will happen when the shit hits the fan.
  5. travelman

    travelman Well-Known Member

    regardless of what your position is on bush or al qaeda, there is a lot of people dying there, on both, no, on ALL sides.
    Cause isnt the good guys against the bad guys, its an all-in.
    I wouldnt be surprised if the russians, via middle hands, are arming some of the sides fighting in this arena.

    Its such a waste of peoples lives. Young kids get killed, or maimed. or totally fucked up mentally cause of what they see and experience. People get blown up just cause they are at the wrong place in the wrong time.

    I really dont see a Win-Win way out of this conflict.
  6. Monstermash

    Monstermash Well-Known Member

    The first Gulf War should have been the ending of it, it was a mistake to leave things the way they war, but who knows the real reasons why politicians go to war, I'm sure that it was'nt to help out the Iraq people, its to do with money and oil. There are loads of dictators around the world we don't even get to hear about because either our Government isnt interested in them, or the media has no interest in it. It is about time no that Iraq sorted itself out and took care of its own problems, There has to be a point when we say to them "Ok we will be here till this date and then that's it, its upto you" otherwise they might think, oh its ok America and its allies will sort it out. I still don't know whether it was a good idea to go back to Iraq, they seem to have caused as many problems as they've elimnated and all the lives that have been lost.
  7. Dennis

    Dennis R.I.P.

    I gotta agree with Monster on this.

    ( Hi ya Monster. Where ya been hidin? )
  8. crazee horse

    crazee horse Well-Known Member

    yeah im with Maria on this.
  9. Monty

    Monty Well-Known Member

    That's quite defeatist BBC.


    Absolutely. 100% agreement from me. The unthinking calls for troop withdrawal by hopelessly mired peaceniks ignore Iraq's potential Balkanisation. Also, it would be helpful for military command to be seen to be less under the USA hegemon- and for foreign corporate interest to become less Amicentric.

    NO. The USA is a country where rule of law is paramount. For the USA to summarily execute criminal terrorists is for the USA to prejudge: This is literally "extreme prejudice". If the moral high ground is ever to be attained by the USA, She must begin to act with evenhandedness and compassion on the World stage. Osama bin laden must therefore be bought to Justice.

    There is truth out there Maria; the difficulty for a sensitive soul such as my own is where debate becomes mired in completely polarised opinion. I never moderate my own stance simply to appease brickbats, no matter how forthright the views of their wielders.
  10. crazyjoe

    crazyjoe Lurker

    The reasons for going in are false. And right now I am hoping that this doesn't end like Vietnam.
  11. Osiris7790

    Osiris7790 Well-Known Member

    i support. i support Bush. i support the US and her allies that are helping to establish a government and rid the evil of one country.

    go on with your theories of false pretenses.
    ignorance is in excess i see.
  12. Osiris7790

    Osiris7790 Well-Known Member

    no challenengers? thats a first. ::)
  13. Monty

    Monty Well-Known Member

    My own honestly held opinion: US meddling in third world affairs is directly to the benefit of US business interests. While authoritarian governments of all stripes are bad, even more abhorrent is the flawed so-called democracy that in reality exists only to serve the landed wealthy in the USA, Australia and eslewhere. Cost cutting imposed by Wal Mart on suppliers will lead to the complete destruction of all rainforests.

    All of the above is 100% IRRELEVANT to the Iraq situation as I see it. Now, Osiris:
    The USA overthrew the Iraq regime... sorry... government after supporting it through thick, thin, Iran contra and attempted Kurdish genocide. Sowing the seeds of democracy and peace is a fine thing, but the USA tends to like to raze the garden with agent orange in preparation.

    All of the above is 100% irrelevant to the Iraq situation as I now see it Osiris. We move on and make the best of a completely F*%#ed up mess.

    Support our troops now, only if they go to serve with a leaden heart.

    Nobody should ever be enthusiastic or eager to go armed to kill.
  14. Osiris7790

    Osiris7790 Well-Known Member

    still, i support everything about it. the media is so liberal, that they only put through what they want the people to see.
  15. Monty

    Monty Well-Known Member

    Which media are we talking of here, Osiris?

    How is showing GWB's speeches supporting a liberal agenda? ...hang on a minute...

    The media also obviously want me to see and appreciate every last little deliberate gaffe carefully written by GWB's speechwriters; perhaps the same speechwriters are moonlighting as CIA analysts- that would explain the joke that we call Iraq.

    You support, Osiris. What do you mean by support?

    Would you kill to defend your ideals? Or impose them- and imposition of ideals is what is going on in Iraq now. No matter how noble the ends, the means in this case are simply too monstrous to ever be forgotten. The scale of operation Iraqi Freedom beggars belief. The end result: Iraq will become yet another "failed state" to go along with Yugoslavia, Cuba and Korea or will become Eurodisney on petrodollar crack.

    OK, Rant mode off:

    Stop with the Amicentric flag waving, let the UN take symbolic control of coalition troops, catch Bin Laden and try him in a court of law, provide advanced prosthetic limbs to maimed Iraqi children -not just GIs- and the USA will do more to thwart the terrorist cause than every last piece of expended ordinance has ever done. Kill them with kindness.
  16. Osiris7790

    Osiris7790 Well-Known Member

    we are never going to see eye to eye on the subject. im not going to try and force my ideas and beliefs on you about the war, which neither of us can do anything about. i would kill to defend my ideals, yes.

    the point that people dont understand is that Iraq is such a fucked up place. As soon as we leave that shithole, some other dickhead leader is gonna take over and start a whole new "regime of terror".

    on to the topic of GWB. everyone messes up in speeches, some people are more articulate than others. it just so happens that Bush is not one of the more articulatley advanced. im sure hes nervous in front of the cameras, talking to millions of people, half of which are jumping down his back for things. my main point is, he was elected for a reason, you nor i could not do any better.

    i respect your beliefs and your ideas about the war, but no matter what, there is nothing that you can do about any of it. im ending it at that, im not trying to start a battle. this is just one topic that many people feel very strongly and differently about.