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Evil iraqi kid just owns a little girl

Discussion in 'Videos On The Web' started by Bob, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Bob

    Bob Well-Known Member

    Evil iraqi kid just owns a little girl
    Contributing to the problem of Middle East violence one child at a time..._________________________________________________http://www.iwut.com/flvplayer.swf?video=2639.flv​
  2. Brownbearclan

    Brownbearclan Well-Known Member

  3. Monstermash

    Monstermash Well-Known Member

    He may be watching how his mother is treated by his father. In a lot of these countries, girls are treated as being subordinate to a man. I was talking to one muslim from Pakistan and although he may not be representative of his people he said that a womans brain is much smaller then a mans, that two women have the intelligence of only one man. Go figure ???