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Huntsman spider

Discussion in 'Videos On The Web' started by SurfSarge, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. SurfSarge

    SurfSarge misfit

    Apparently these are found in OZ..sorry Hails this thing is freakn huge and would scare the hell outta me
    if I came across it..Not Deadly to humans but looks are deceiving!

  2. StuPot

    StuPot Blah blah blah

    :eek: I kept thinking it was gunna jump down n shit me up
  3. Hails

    Hails Well-Known Member

    Yea not deadly, lol, but i will still use a full can of fly spray to kill one, LMAO, damn i even neally use a full can of fly spray just to kill a baby daddy long leg spider lol, i hate spiders they give me the shivers

    My grandmother use to live right out bush she would always get them in her pantry, she would say leave him there he keeps the insects away, i would say oh ok then bolt, lmao

    Here you go Spiders of Australia http://www.xs4all.nl/~ednieuw/australian/Spidaus.html
  4. Dennis

    Dennis R.I.P.

    That spider is a a big mother.
    Even if its not deadly, I bet it hurts like hell
  5. StuPot

    StuPot Blah blah blah

    Heres a closer look at one.

    Holconia insignis vs. Pholcus phalangioides is the title, but a note next to it says "my australian huntsman spider preying on a Pholcus phalangioides"

  6. Hails

    Hails Well-Known Member

    Damn that puts chills down my spine
  7. Dennis

    Dennis R.I.P.

    Its head looks like ET.