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i think the government is spying on me.

Discussion in 'Social Issues' started by Green Tea, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Green Tea

    Green Tea Tequila Mockinbird

    as the above says, either that of im having side effects from yesterday.
    cause outta nowhere my amp started talking to me. :eek: :eek:

    yeah, i havent turned it off for the past two months, and now it gained voice.

    either that or its picking up radio waves.
    hmm.. that sounds plausible.
  2. Borro

    Borro Well-Known Member

    Was your guitar plugged in and sitting next to the T.V.?
  3. StuPot

    StuPot Blah blah blah

    You sure it wasn't Ur TV you could hear? ;D
  4. Dennis

    Dennis R.I.P.

    A buddy of mine used to pick up the local radio station with his stereo.
    He did not own a tuner, happened all the time.
    Till he bought all shielded cables and wires.
  5. TGD_02

    TGD_02 Well-Known Member

  6. Green Tea

    Green Tea Tequila Mockinbird

    Nanabunga's right,
    when it talks if i unplug the guitar from the amp it stops.

    prolly someone in the near area using walkie talkies or ham radio..
  7. Jaba

    Jaba Well-Known Member

    Yeh it's called 'noise pollution'.
    Even most digital cables still carry UHF analogue frequencies usually at the bottom end of the scale.
  8. dudemanbro

    dudemanbro Lurker

    r u sure u didnt do meth? :eek: