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Trust exercise

Discussion in 'Videos On The Web' started by Bob, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Bob

    Bob Well-Known Member

    Trust exercise
    This video proves that you should always be able to trust other people._________________________________________________http://www.iwut.com/flvplayer.swf?video=3102.flv​
  2. Dennis

    Dennis R.I.P.

    I'd trust him...

    To get his Ass Kicked if that was my girl. :bat:
  3. SurfSarge

    SurfSarge misfit

    That was dirty...Fuck that mullet I woulda fucked him up!
  4. Anepitaph

    Anepitaph Mr. Mojo Risin

    hell ya. thats not even funny. dude would be getting his ass beat.
  5. Hails

    Hails Well-Known Member

    What a total arsehole, hope he gets a few hideings in his lifetime :bat: