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Delaware college shooting.

Discussion in 'News & Events' started by Monty, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Monty

    Monty Well-Known Member

  2. Osiris7790

    Osiris7790 Well-Known Member

    wow. idk why, but school shootings to me are very interesting. I think its because Im close in age to the people that commit the atrocities.
  3. SurfSarge

    SurfSarge misfit

    Not to sound racist or anything but Delaware State is all Black!
  4. Osiris7790

    Osiris7790 Well-Known Member

    lol? and that means what?
    what i wanna know is how are two 17 year olds in college?
  5. SurfSarge

    SurfSarge misfit

    Blacks like to shoot each other..It's a common thing..You just hear more about it now
    because of VT shooting!
  6. HeyBuddy

    HeyBuddy Well-Known Member

    "A cursory glance at their campus policies appears to reveal a ban of firearms and other “dangerous weapons,” including knives. "

    Whenever you read that there is a ban on guns, the shooter knows that it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Everybody is defenseless.
  7. SurfSarge

    SurfSarge misfit

  8. Osiris7790

    Osiris7790 Well-Known Member

    very good intelligent post.