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Electronic Cigarettes

Discussion in 'Foods, Drinks, & Cooking' started by Private_Ale, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Afronaught

    Afronaught ♫ Official Princess ♫

    HAHA... I can see the Name of the Sitcom already..

    Ale & Afro's Private Parts
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  2. Afronaught

    Afronaught ♫ Official Princess ♫

    A comedy where Jersey Shore Meets Absoltley Fabulous
  3. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Our first episode:

    Ale & Afro's Private Parts in
    Beer and Candles: Drunken Romantics
  4. Afronaught

    Afronaught ♫ Official Princess ♫

    In this episode Ale and Afro.. try play lawn darts with some Butt plugs and a bean bag while drinking beer
  5. jundies

    jundies Well-Known Member

    I'd watch it.
  6. Afronaught

    Afronaught ♫ Official Princess ♫

    Good Wholesome Family entertainment...

    In episode 2 Afro wakes up with a Boner that wont go away.. Ale convinces him to go to work wearing a Horse Head to hide his obvious discomfort. Hilarity ensues with surprised office antics
  7. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    The battery is slowly going. Charge only lasts a little more than a day now. Can't complain honestly, but it used to last longer.
  8. jundies

    jundies Well-Known Member

    Which one did you get
  9. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard


    I got this:

    You get 1 battery, 1 charger, and 4 carbonizes (menthol). I also got two 5 packs of First Strike (Lucky Strike flavor), and Grape carbonizes

    I only use it when I'm at the computer so I still haven't dented my stock yet, one carb lasts a long time.
  10. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    ^^^ Vapage/Cig2O brand is just a little bit larger than the real thing.

  11. jundies

    jundies Well-Known Member

    I might get one with my next check
  12. Rubicks

    Rubicks Well-Known Member

    SMOKE AND MIRRORS: Can you quit with e-cigarettes?

    • by: By Daniel Piotrowski
    • From: news.com.au
    • September 26, 2012 4:11PM

    • Aussies try e-cigs to get off the real smokes
    • Medicos: They could be dangerous
    • Manufacturer: "Government should get behind them"

    Medical authorities have issued warnings about e-cigarettes. Picture: Thinkstock Source: Supplied

    "It gave me a really big headspin. It kind of made me want to faint."

    Last September, NT freelance journalist Laurel May decided she'd finally had enough of smokes. So she thought she'd give e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes that produce a smoke-like vapour) a go.

    They didn't work so well for her, but she's one of many Aussies who have turned to e-cigarettes to try and ditch the durries.

    Leading drug and medical authorities have issued powerful warnings to news.com.au that the products aren’t safe.

    The President of the Australian Medical Association, Steve Hambleton, said: "The principle of acquiring products to be inhaled by whatever means from an overseas location that hasn't gone through the registration process... We'd express great caution over that".

    Nicotine e-cigarettes are banned from being sold in physical Australian stores because they haven't been inspected by the drug regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

    But Australian customers are able to purchase nicotine e-cigarettes online.

    "Consumers are warned that use of e-cigarettes may pose a danger to health and are encouraged not to purchase these potentially harmful cigarette substitutes,” a TGA spokeswoman warned.

    She said it is important customers understand when they buy unregistered products over the internet that they've got no guarantee of the product’s quality or ingredients.

    Even the e-cigarette companies agree that current regulations around them aren't safe.

    Mr Burden, of Elusion E-Cigarettes, warned that many “el cheapo” e-cigarettes imported from overseas don't have safety valves.

    If a child swallowed an unprotected nicotine cartridge accidentally, it could kill them.

    But Mr Burden says e-cigarettes with filters (such as his company's) are an effective way to give up smoking and the government should get behind them.

    "It's is an easy way to give up smoking," he says. "Why doesn't the government jump on board? They should come talk to us."

    The Department of Health and Ageing say they've commissioned an impact statement on potential options for further regulation of e-cigarettes.

    That report’s due at the end of the year.

    But what about Laurel May, the Northern Territory e-cigarette smoker?

    After her experience with the electronic version, she just decided to go back to smoking traditional ciggies.

    "I tried it on and off for a couple of weeks. I just went back to smoking cigarettes - the e-cigarette thing was a bit not right."

    Happily, Ms May says she quit the smokes – cold turkey, this time – in January.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health-fitness/e-ciggies/story-fneuz9ev-1226481886326#ixzz27ZV1DCt9
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  13. cymru am byth

    cymru am byth twll dîn pob sais

    Thread TLDR cos I'm on my phone, are these things any good? my gf is a 40 a day smoker and wants to cut down as it costs almost £20 a day so i'm thinking of getting her one.
  14. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    I think it's a case of "your mileage may vary", I would say try it.

    Get her the high nicotine. 24mg. :D
  15. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Holy shit. Overly attached drug dealers.

    Every day for the last week they've been emailing me that they want me to buy stuff.

    Each day the discount has gotten larger, now it's up to 50% off.
  16. Void

    Void ZXC-79523

    Afro, PA, do you guys still smoke normal ciggs?
  17. Afronaught

    Afronaught ♫ Official Princess ♫

    Yep... Still Smoking Normal Cigs.

    Mainly because the E cigs I have don't have nicotine in them. which actually defeats the point of an e-cig
  18. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

  19. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    I just seen a TV commercial for Blu E-Cigs!!!!


    It's been forever since I seen any cigarette commercial.

    I hope this continues and I hope people get their tits in a bunch so I can lol at them.
  20. Butterz

    Butterz Well-Known Member

    Glad I stumbled on this...I started smoking e-cigs about 4 years ago. Started off with the 901, then found the 510 which I loved...but, it just couldn't replace an analog cigarette for me. I would use them when I wasn't able to smoke (movies, grocery, restaurant, work, etc.) but I always went back to analogs.
    I came across the 'eGo-T' tank system by Joyetech, purchased them at Christmas, and haven't had a cigarette since Jan. 31st of this year. I started off on 36 mg nicotine per oz, and have weaned myself down to 6 mg nicotine per oz, which is the lowest nic dose before you go to no-nic.
    I guess my best advice to actually quitting analogs is finding the ecig that works for you. I highly recommend the ego-T or ego-C...however, you will have to adjust to holding them, they aren't cigarette size...they're more like a cigar, but they give great throat hit and vape quantity.
    Ok, getting long winded here...as usual...sorry...just wanted to throw my two cents into this because I'm a strong supporter of ecigs.
  21. Butterz

    Butterz Well-Known Member

    I may be jumping the gun here, as I've only made it through 5 pages of posts in this thread...but, FYI...Blu Ecigs are now owned by Lorillard, which is the third largest tobacco company. People are free to purchase what they want, but I refuse to support Big Tobacco. Does anyone remember Big Tobacco spending MILLIONS of dollars to prevent ecigs from being approved by the FDA in the USA? Now, they're jumping into the game, and buying up established ecig companies and starting their own companies.

    The Big Tobacco companies are losing 3% of their market share annually to the ecig business and customers who flat out 'quit' cigarettes. 3% may not seem significant, but this has been trending for several years now and Big Tobacco doesn't like losing money.

    It's getting very political now, and I'm disgusted in the FDA, I've always been disgusted in Big Tobacco, and I'm worried for the smaller ecig companies who may get stomped out by the buying power and government influence the Big Tobacco companies have over our lobbyists and lawmakers. In the end, it's all about $, not what's right or wrong.

    Again, I recommend Joyetech. I discourage using the disposable. They are MUCH more expensive long term, and much lower quality. I have some websites that I've purchased from over the years and I've never had a problem with them. I won't post them here, but if anyone is interested, let me know and I can send you three sites that I use all the time.
  22. Butterz

    Butterz Well-Known Member

    Very similar to the model I use. The site poster in the background is one of the site's I've used to buy my liquids from.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 3, 2015
  23. Butterz

    Butterz Well-Known Member

    Ok...I know I'm whoring this thread, but I've finally read all the posts.

    I don't say this to be a 'know it all', I only say it because I've more than scratched the surface on this topic...I've spent a bit of time in a couple different forums on the topic, have done a lot of research, and a bit of personal experience (and money spent).

    The reusable ecigs are in my opinion the way to go. They are more expensive, I purchase one kit for $53 online...this includes a USB charger, an AC adapter for plug in, two batteries, two atomizers and 5 tanks (which holds your e-juice and are reusable). The e-juice, for a 30 ml supply (lasts me one month) range from $10 - $15, less shipping, which for me is a few dollars American (I go with 1st class mail, takes 3 days to receive from time of purchase).

    Logan posted the style I would truly recommend to you guys if you're serious about quitting. But...you have to 'want' to quit. This will never be a 'lateral' transition, but it's the closest I've found. I've used the patch (and quit for a year and a half with it) and I've used the gum (and quit for less than a month)...the ecig is by far an easier cessation device for me.
  24. Afronaught

    Afronaught ♫ Official Princess ♫

    I've stoped using My Ecig... basically because I lost my Charger... but it wasent helping in any case, because it didnt have any nicotine in it.
  25. Butterz

    Butterz Well-Known Member

    Afro, from what I read in this post, it appeared you at one time had a reusable ecig, correct? You were unable to get ahold of e-juice from your 'Vrussian Vriend'?

    I also saw you and PA discussing mailing from the US. If a reusable ecig was mailed to you (2 batteries, 2 atomizers, 5 tanks, usb and ac charger), along with a small vial of liquid with no label mentioning nicotine, would it deliver to you safely?

    I can have this purchased and shipped to me for $75 (US), and then ship to you. If you are a pack a day smoker, in the USA, this will pay for itself in 9 days...and the ecig and atomizers last for over a year, while the e-juice lasts a month for a heavy smoker.

    Obviously, it would cost more to send it to Phuket...but, ya know, Fuckit!