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Burger King

Discussion in 'Comedy & Humor' started by Dennis, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Dennis

    Dennis R.I.P.

    A link on MSNBC.COM explained why the "Hire The Mentally Handicapped
    Program" has taken on such a foothold at Burger King...... The King
    has teamed up with . . . sigh . . . AOL.

    Holy shit. Can you just see it now?

    "Hi, this is AOL / Time / Warner / Burger King, how can I help you?"

    "My hamburger isn't done the way I want it."

    "Did you install salt and pepper, mustard and ketchup?"

    "No, I didn't."

    "You have to install those before it'll work, sir."

    "But I don't want mustard and ketchup on my hamburger!"

    "Are you using the latest version of Hamburger Bun?"

    "Jesus, I would hope so!"

    "Just flip the bottom bun over and click on 'About.'"

    "If I flip it over, all of the meat will fall out!"

    "Sir, what color is the lettuce?"

    "That's something else I wanted to talk to you about.It's *orange*!"

    "Ok, that's good."

    "Orange is *good*???"

    "Oh yes. If it'd been green, that wouldn't have been so good. Orange
    means you're on our unlimited support plan."

    "What does *that* mean?"

    "It means you'll spend an unlimited amount of time talking to support
    to get your hamburger 'Your Way'."

  2. Ace1875

    Ace1875 Well-Known Member


    Burger King sucks IMHO