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Build a PC / Guts Thread

Discussion in 'Science & Technology' started by Private_Ale, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

  2. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

  3. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Yeah, that looks great!

    I'm not sure I would trust the memory from "Alyssa" though. As you can see it's a brand new seller with absolutely no feedback. Might be a scam since it's selling $20 under everyone else.
  4. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

    You will need to text me or wait for me to get online on my phone!
  5. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

    I will just go with the 2 4gb from the Indian shop, I guess. They like to keep the local LE happy. :)

    Anyway shutting down now!

    My father in law just left, he came over to help me with an electrical issue, one of my plugs is showing to only have 90 volts some of the others are at 115 and a FEW are actually at 119/120.

    Turns out the connector from the service provider has weakened as they crimp their heavy lines and those crimp points can sometimes fatigue, making a poor connection...

    After checking the main indoor breaker box connection, we went out back to check the property breaker ( used to be a commercial property, I swear.).

    We watched the voltage fluctuate between 113 and 118 as the wind picked up. The connection from their side is way up high on a pole.

    Calling tOncor now for them to repair their equipment and shutting this operation down as I just checked and the power strip is showing 118 and should be at 120....

    Could this be another reason for some heating issues? My Father in Law said the appliances use more energy in situations like this because they have to try harder to keep up.
  6. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

    signing off, for the night.
  7. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Nah, I seriously doubt it, that's the job of the PSU to ensure clean and consistent power. Even little fluctuations shouldn't faze it.

    Your shizzy nizzy is just dusty man. :D
    Good night bud!
  8. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank


    Here are 4 I like.

    The smaller physical size is nice for this particular case. The longer ones may very well fit, I haven't measured.

    The MSI claims "Military grade hardware" this gives me a bit of wood. This also makes me wonder if most have this same grade and don't say the obvious . . .

    Also the 10 year on full rated solid capacitors...... again, exclusive to msi?

    I do like the in game recording that it has... but I am sure they all have that capability.

    It does claim to have the Gsync while the EVGA are listed as Gsync ready

    But the EVGA have Nvidia gane stream technology listed ... Exclusive to them?

    Whatever Vulkan API is, EVGA has it. LOL

    The one thing I do see .... PCI Express 2.0 and 3.0 on the EVGA. This would mean I could use those cards a bit longer when mboards drop the 2.0?

    Will this ever happen?

    TL;DR .....

    Are any of these cards fine choices, or is there one or two I should really aim for?
  9. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

    I need to measure, I do like the dual fan of the gigabyte as well.
  10. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Out of those four, the EVGA SC is the best choice, it has the highest factory clock speed.


    All Nvidia chips of the same family have the same technology. G-Sync, Game Stream, it's all just a standard feature of the card, there won't be a unique feature that one has that another doesn't (minus extra software or cooler design). Though, G-Sync will be useless for you, you need a G-Sync monitor for it to be of any use. (I don't have one either :()

    You can review the standard 1050* features here (click view all specs): http://www.geforce.com/hardware/10series/geforce-gtx-1050

    PCI Express is backwards and forwards compatible. A PCIE 3.0 card would work on a 2.0 slot, and a 2.0 card would work on a (future) 4.0 motherboard, etc. Advertising both 2.0 and 3.0 is just marketing, like advertising a sports car that runs on regular as well as premium.

    Regards to components, Military Grade is kind of just MSI's slogan, everything they sell has it. For the most part, the components will be identical between any manufacturer at this price point. For what it's worth, solid capacitors are pretty much standard on any modern computer part, whether it be a motherboard or a graphics card.

    Really, a ~10hz bump won't be a huge difference in performance between the listed cards, but as usual, a higher factory clock usually indicates slightly better binned silicon (chip material). These 1050 cards use a newer fabrication process than the rest of the 10 series. The 10 series uses 16nm fab, while the 1050 and the 1050 ti use 14nm FinFET fab. It's more power efficient and runs cooler, so you don't exactly need a lot of fans to keep it cool, which is why pretty much all of the cards are single-fan designs.

    So, what I'm getting at is to get what tickles your fancy. They're all good. :)
  11. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

  12. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

    So, should I wait for that?

    it is 256 bit...
  13. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

    Hopefully, it drives the 1050 ti price down a tiny bit.
  14. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    It's up to you, bigger is always better :D

    I mean of course that would be a fun bump over the 1050ti since it's currently the best card that AMD offers right now. However for $40 less the 1050ti is also not something to be ignored.

    It just goes to show, my main problem, waiting is a double-edged sword! You wait for better prices and then something more attractive comes along, rinse and repeat. :D

    Ah, truly I hate that. That's why I buy something and don't look back. :rofl:

    Without saying though, if you could afford the $40 bump then definitely get it. A 480 for less than $200 brand new is a great deal. Otherwise don't lose sleep over it.
  15. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

    Ok, so it offers 256 bit vs 128 which I assume is a major reason to think about future improvements.... but the architecture. What is radeon using in that one?

    Which card has a longer life as far as technology is concerned? Which one will be come the obsolete one first? or are they close?

    I saw an nvidia 1060 for around 200 as well... is that a consideration or is the radeon the better card at that price?
  16. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    If the 1060 is a 3gb model, weigh your options. The 480 will be slightly better for the price. The 480 and the 1060 (6gb) trade blows and are fairly evenly matched, however the 3gb version of the 1060 is slightly gimped version of the same chip. If you're looking at a 3gb 1060 like this one, then sure, I mean it's not a bad card.

    In the case of the 480/70 vs the 1050ti the bus width makes it a 256 GB/s vs 112.1 GB/s comparison, which is pretty decent.

    Both the RX 4x0 series and the 1050(ti) are using the 14nm FinFET fabrication process. The 1060 (and the rest of the 10x0 series) use a 16nm fabrication process. The smaller process is slightly newer, but totally irrelevant and shouldn't be a deciding factor at all. AMD uses the GCN architecture which is well tested and matured, Nvidia is using the Pascal architecture which is basically just a shrink of Maxwell, so it's also fairly well tested and matured.

    Out of the 1050ti and the 480, I would say the 480 would last you slightly longer, or rather be relevant a little longer.

    Here's the dealio: Nvidia has very good, very optimized drivers. What you get will probably be the best it will ever perform, future drivers will give smaller optimization and tweaks, but it's largely what you see is what you get. AMD's drivers are constantly evolving and being optimized. The performance you see today has a very good chance of increasing in the future. The GCN architecture has been used since at least around the time they acquired Radeon. So I would suggest looking at the charts and only trusting the current figures. If you get extra performance in the future it's a free upgrade. ;)

    Though like I said, whether you get the 1050ti, the 470, or the 480 you'll be very happy, any of those will be significantly better than what you are experiencing now.

    I was looking at the 1050ti's again and noticed they actually went up in price, now the gap is even smaller. Since a 470 is around $170, I would either recommend a 470 or a 480 if you can spare it. I would still recommend a 1050ti at the original $140 price point, but now that so many are hovering at $150, it would be silly to pass a 470 for $20 more or a 480 or $30 more.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2016
  17. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

    rx460 4gb for $120 too high for the somewhat lower performance?
  18. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Maybe. I would just get a 1050ti and not look back.

    I would say the 1050ti is the sweet spot for the budget market. Now that the 1050ti is released, it's my opinion that the RX460 is too little for too much.

    Wait for the 1050ti that you wanted to go back down in price and just pick it up.
  19. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    You can still get a $140 1050ti: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814500411

    Lowest I would recommend, for that, you'll be getting the best bang for your buck. Any lower and you might be wasting money for too little performance compared to it.

    Again, wow, it's already November 6th. Doesn't hurt to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, you might get the EVGA SC 1050ti you wanted back at the original $145 price.

    It's always good to keep your options open. I'm posting everything so you know your constantly changing and evolving options, take it just as reference. :)
  20. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

  21. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Wow!!! The 8gb version!

    That's a ridiculous deal :D

    Plus it's a blower, that's what I use, I love them because they intentionally immediately exhaust the hot air outside of the case instead of letting it swirl around inside.

    JBB, a word of caution, I know right now you use VGA for your monitor. Make sure it also has HDMI or DisplayPort. These new cards do not natively support analog output like VGA.
  22. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

    So you would jump on that one?

    I am guessing it will be relevant even longer than the 470 or the 1050 ti . . .

    My monitor has both vga and dmi, I just need the cord.
  23. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

    Let me go look at the back again. My monitor might hold me back
  24. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

    There is an actual Catholic mass occurring in my house, right now.
  25. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

    Can't do the 480.

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