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Discussion in 'Science & Technology' started by Private_Ale, May 28, 2012.

  1. Rubicks

    Rubicks Well-Known Member

    Re: File Syncing

    * Rubicks jumps in the air to try to catch the meaning,totally confussed from Adelaide:(
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  2. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Re: File Syncing

    You were marked as online when I rebooted it. :p
  3. Rubicks

    Rubicks Well-Known Member

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  4. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    blinkenlights make me happy :3
  5. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    I need to take pics of my new access points. :3
  6. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    I want to get some rp-sma to rp-tnc adapters so that I can pop my old high-gain antennas on it.
  7. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    IMG_20140328_241653_302.jpg IMG_20140328_241541_209.jpg

    I love my cables. Check out the passive PoE injector that came with the access point! It's real neato.

    I need to save up for a gigabit switch. The 10/100 just isn't keeping up, it sucks bottlenecking at ~12MB/s during LAN transfers.
  8. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    TIL low gain antennas are actually superior to high gain in most cases. The high gain hype is largely disinformation and marketing when it comes to residential installations.

    I've made a horrible mistake.
  9. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard



  10. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    This will be the new device that will replace the failed WD Blue drive in my firewall:

    IMG_20140713_165804_259.jpg IMG_20140713_165747_856.jpg

    It's a little 4GB Wintec industral embedded SLC USB flash. It connects directly to a USB header on the motherboard.
  11. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard


    GEDC0006.JPG GEDC0013.JPG GEDC0018.JPG
    GEDC0034.JPG GEDC0042.JPG
  12. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard


    I'm such an idiot. I couldn't figure out why my Access Point kept rebooting, I forgot I had the watchdog set to ping the old gateway ( Changed it over to the new gateway.

    At least I know the watchdog works. :p

    Speaking of which, I now have my wireless network on a separate network. LAN is now and WLAN is

    pfSense <3
  13. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

  14. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Latest view from behind the mini-rack.

  15. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Well, since technically Geneva is part of my network, I will post Geneva Pics here too instead of creating a new thread. Besides that, Geneva is seen in most of the photos featured in this thread.

    Geneva! Geneva 5600, my project server that replaced the old LOLserver.

    If you are on my contacts list, you can view it's album right here: https://www.beercandle.com/album.php?albumid=120

    It's been in progress since 2011, but now it's finally finished. Although it's not really finished. When I originally built it, I always wanted both processor sockets filled. I couldn't stand it being lopsided. However my processor of choice, the Intel Xeon E5645 was (and still is) over $500 per unit.

    But I got a second one, I finally got a second one! On eBay for only $77!!! WOW!.

    Now Geneva will have both sockets filled and a total of 12 cores!

    GEDC0045.JPG GEDC0049.JPG

    I can't wait to move BeerCandle back to my network!!
  16. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard


    I have successfully updated the BIOS on my netbook using MS-DOS on a bootable USB stick.


    Now I'm ready to do the server and firewall.

    * Private_Ale has never used MS-DOS before today :eek:
  17. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    So I replaced the HDD in my netbook with the SSD previously in the server. I then reloaded it with Xubuntu 14.04.

    It's pretty nice.

    Screenshot - 07242014 - 11:30:39 AM.png
  18. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Before this I installed Lubuntu. However it had it's problems. That's not to say Xubuntu is issue free. I'm not crazy about the *buntu 14.04 lineup. They all seem to have issues that shouldn't have been permitted in a final product.

    Lubuntu: WiFi and the whole network applet does not autostart. In fact, you need to manually start it every time you reboot or resume from suspend. Documented bug. There are probably other bugs, but at this point I just decided it wasn't work the trouble.

    Xubuntu: The Display Settings menu pops up on resume from suspend. Easy enough fix, for some reason resume is linked as a shortcut to the Display Settings. Just remove the shortcut. After resume from suspend, the mouse cursor is also momentarily invisible. This issue appears to be related to the new Light Locker. Uninstalling Light Locker reportedly fixes the issue. Light Locker is just a screen saver program, not something that's exactly needed on a laptop/netbook. No biggie.

    Other than those two things, Xubuntu is wonderful. It even has V-Sync in the compositing window manager! Everything is so smooth!

    However, I have to say I was more satisfied when I just built my own desktop environment using MATE + Ubuntu Server.
  19. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Ended up installing Mint 17.

  20. Void

    Void ZXC-79523

    NICE! Xfce?

    I still haven't gotten around to updating to 17. I downloaded it, but haven't done the install.

    I found mint was a bit resource hungry for my netbook .... which is why i settled on Arch after trying a bunch (elementary, puppy, peppermint, mint, i think there was one more ...).

    I still need to do gentoo on my other netbook to compare to Arch.

    Mint i liked for the laptop ...
  21. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    MATE 1.8


    MATE's the only DE that I really enjoy all around. I like Xfce, but it lacks features.

    Mint's definitely heavy. I'm also not a huge fan of the large amount of pre-installed stuff like Java. Buuut it's nice to have the system up and running in under 30 mins compared to if I had started with a minimal OS and set up the DE manually.

    I still need to try Arch. Especially considering MATE was originally developed on Arch.
  22. Void

    Void ZXC-79523

    Yeah, that's what I like about mint, there is no reason not to try it from an ease of use point of view. Centos is also pretty straight forward, although more focused on what you want from it (server, desktop, etc). I usually recommend mint to people wanting to try the linux switch.

    Mint is my favourite distro from the point of view that i need a stable dev environment and want things to work.

    Arch is my favourite from a "it's miiiinnnnneeeeeeee and i'm gonna set it up exactly as i want and fuck with it whenever i feel" point of view. lol.

    I liked arch because you have to put in a bit of effort and because it's really light. But it is more glitchy than something like mint. Mint works, Arch you gotta tweak from time to time ... but that's the life of a rolling distro ...

    I like the tweaking ... makes me feel like it's mine ... just for me ... lol.
  23. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    I wanted to use CentOS 7 on my netbook, but it's only available in 64-bit. :(

    RHEL/CentOS 7 looks really nice.
  24. Void

    Void ZXC-79523

    I did the centos install on a laptop ... however i'm pretty sure it's a 32bit laptop ... I'll have to go look into what i did there, but i think it does work on 32bit.

    Centos and Fedora i'd recommend for a laptop though ... Centos had three default installs. If you take the web server option it loads everything, so mysql, postgre, etc. regardless of what you actually want, which i didn't like.
  25. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    CentOS 6 has both 32/64, but currently CentOS 7 is 64-bit only.

    The Atom in my netbook is technically 64-bit compatible, but the InsydeH2O BIOS is super gimped and only allows 32-bit. I was hoping updating the BIOS would remove that restriction, but it didn't. :(