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My boy Jimmy T !

Discussion in 'Web Findings' started by Johnny Panachai, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank




    On the last link, you will see at :24 DPD car #2114 come to a stop and the Ft. Worth P.D. car carrying Jimmy's family turn in to the ER. I was driving 2114. I drove code 3 from Dallas to Ft. Worth and back all in afternoon rush hour traffic. Can you say 40 to 50 on the shoulder? Hell yeah!

    Then at 1:43 the camera pans to the audience . . . I am standing at the back.

    So glad that Jimmy T made it.

    I have much more to add to this story, but I have an early morning. We will talk later.
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  2. Johnny Panachai

    Johnny Panachai Cap'n Stank

    I really have a problem with this version . . . the photos they have of him receiving cpr is buy a greedy fucker who sold the pics and that was the only reason he showed up. he complained when Officers kept him a certain distance away. The sorry fuck has never asked about Jimmy's condition.

    and on the same note, the pic of Jimmy T with the German Shepard pup was taken by yours truly on my cell phone about a month earlier and given to his daughter one night at the hospital. I guess I should hit Fox4 up for $? nope, not my style. Greedy fuck will get his one day I hope. (coughafrocough)