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So I've decided to take up guitar again

Discussion in 'Music, Movies, TV, & The Arts' started by Private_Ale, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Not sure why, but suddenly I have the urge to diddle the fiddle again.

    I decided it's a good idea with the new year coming around soon, it can be my new years resolution.

    I'm thinking about building a new guitar, another strat clone, but this time in an HSH configuration and using better parts, like swamp ash instead of basswood.

    Should be fun at least. :)
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  2. Afronaught

    Afronaught ♫ Official Princess ♫

    This is wierd... because I've started Drumming again also, Baught a set of Vic Firth Sticks and a Practice Pad and started going through my rudements again.

    I might buy a drum set again.
  3. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Something is in the air. :D
  4. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    So I managed to snag an original unfinished 00's Tacoma Guitars Floyd Rose body with a slight imperfection of a "tad oversized neck pocket".

    Really nice looking body, hand made in the USA of swamp ash.

    I'm really looking forward to attempt to stain it a dark, deep wine red color, then use all black hardware. Same idea with an HSH configuration.

    Instead of the traditional double locking bridge common to floyds, I am fairly certain I will use a single locking bridge. I will also use a tremolo lock to turn it into a pseudo hardtail. :)

    Very excited. This project will probably take a few months.
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  5. jundies

    jundies Well-Known Member

    Sorry but I have to.....

    You can diddle MY fiddle. :iderpit:
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  6. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

  7. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    In love with this sexy thing.


    So nice, solid mahogany body. Only had basswood until now. Plus that red and black, geeze. Even has binding around the neck. :neat::joy:
  8. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    With some pedals in the chain. Chromatic Tuner, Acoustic Simulator, Vintage Distortion.

  9. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    The tuner pedal is the coolest thing ever.

  10. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Locked the bridge with a Tremol-no.

    WP_20160120_16_54_37_Pro.jpg WP_20160120_16_54_48_Pro.jpg
  11. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    The bridge is now only partially locked. You can dive with it now. Added a third spring so the string tension doesn't bring it out of tune.


    Also removed the old strings, cleaned it up, and restrung it.

    WP_20160217_001.jpg WP_20160217_003.jpg