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Migrant Crisis Dutch Police are visiting the homes of people critical of Asylum centres on Twitter

Discussion in 'Social Issues' started by Private_Ale, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Dutch Police are visiting the homes of people critical of Asylum centres on Twitter, urging them to delete posts

    In English:

  2. Private_Ale

    Private_Ale King Neckbeard

    Thought Crimes and Censorship are now merged with Political Correctness.
  3. Loadrunner

    Loadrunner Well-Known Member

    Police gave me a visit today.

    I was only talking about a refugeecamp to someone else . Like that it is a very very bad idea near where I live. Because we have a lot of bars , restaurants, clothingstores and even a few (legal) brothels (very unsuitable place for any Islamic person) .

    I feel a bit unsecure about 375 100% arabic raised adult males with an extreme Islamic background, who lived in a very violent place. There was noting wrong until I said. "If I have to I would do anything to stop them from coming into my town!" two undercover police officers stood up and showed me their badge . And gave me a warning I was not allowed to incourage other people to be 'against' the refugee camp. And I would be arrested if I was found to prepare any action or activity against the refugee camp. They put me on a watch list... I am not intending to do anything. Freedom of speech down the drain.

    And I am not dangerous to the community, I just want save my communuty and freedom as it is. And protect it with any means necessary.

    I use to think stuff like that only happens in red flagged communist countries. I really wonder what the real deal is behind all this.

    Everyone who wants to live here to live our way of living is welcome, I would even pay for the tickets if I had money . But nobody is allowed to tell us what to do. And that is what happens now. The people they let in are not tolerant and force us to adjust to them.

    One word left for the political situation: 'Revolution' It looks like the government is forced by someone to bring in all these dangerous people and can't do anything about it. There are things needed to happen.
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  4. Afronaught

    Afronaught ♫ Official Princess ♫