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Ces '08

Discussion in 'Science & Technology' started by scx1984, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. scx1984

    scx1984 Lurker

    Anyone planning watching on G4TV? Or am I just that big of a geek?

    Some notes from the Press Day, if anyone is interested.... courtesy of G4TV.com

    CES 2008: Sunday So Far

    Posted by bleahy - Sunday, January 06, 2008 2:40 PM

    Today's CES 2008 Press Day has been a showcase of high-definition. Whether it was LCDs, plasmas, camcorders, or next-gen DVD players... today has been all about HD.

    As the country moves toward digital-TV, companies are trying to get everyone using an HDTV instead of just a converter box with their old set.

    We've seen a few concepts that impress us, but probably won't hit the market for a few more years, and we've seen TVs that will be available later this month.

    A trend between a few of the companies are smaller sized 1080p panels at 32" and 37". This part of the market used to be 720p territory, but according to Scott Ramirez of Toshiba, 720p prices have stabilized. They foresee new competition in delivering 1080p to smaller displays and the prices should drop accordingly.

    Another feature that is represented by most of the companies here today is 120Hz displays, which offer much higher quality picture during high motion (very important for us gamers). Combining 120Hz with 1080p is going to be the way to go for your next (or first) HDTV.
    Toshiba and Sharp both provided statistics that LCDs are dominating the HDTV market and this is true, but Pioneer's presentation of two concept TVs has us very excited about the future of plasma. We just hope they can deliver on these concepts (and quickly).

    Another big theme is interactivity, especially with Panasonic's Viera Link and Sharp's AQUOS Net. Panasonic's tech allows every piece of a consumer's HD-lifestyle to interact on SD cards. Sharp's feature allows for online-enabled AQUOS displays to get information directly off of the web and present it to the viewer.

    As for the show itself, the Press Room is packed with journalists from all over the world typing away frantically to get the news up on the web. Darting back and forth between press conferences and the press room is hectic and usually leads to arriving late to the next presentation. We've been standing... a lot.

    Bill Gates goes on in a few hours to deliver his keynote and we'll be right there to bring Bill's words straight to your eyes over the magic of the internets.


    CES 2008: Bill Gates Keynote

    The sales and landmarks:​
    • Xbox Live Hits 10 million users -- maybe this explains the lag?
    • 17.7 million Xbox 360s shipped worldwide.
    • In terms of total business done (hardware/software), MS edges out Nintendo by $1 billlion and Sony by $2 billion.
    • Windows Live hits 420 (lol) million users.
    • Windows Mobile gained 10 million new users in 2007.
    The announcements:
    • ABC and Disney will be bringing their TV shows (woot! Lost!) to Xbox Live Marketplace.
    • MGM will be bringing their movie library to Xbox Live Marketplace.
    • Samsung and HP will both develop Media Center Extenders. HP will release the first HDTV that functions as the extender.
    • Mediaroom will get "DVR Anywhere", which can stream recorded TV to other devices on the home network.
    • British Telecom will begin selling Xbox 360s that will run Mediaroom (UK only sorry).
    • The Zune will go on sale in Canada in the Spring.
    • Bill's Last Day At Microsoft -- Say what you want but this sketch was hilarious.
    • Windows Live Integration -- Some interesting integration ideas to bring everything together, but we don't imagine it will hit the market share they want. It might only get used as embeddable objects on social sites like Facebook and MySpace.
    • The Three Things Bill Thinks Will Shape This Next Digital Age:
      • High-Definition Experiences Everywhere
      • Service Connected Devices
      • Power of Natural User Interfaces
        • Bill mentions the success of Windows touchscreen tablets and the iPhone. He mentions Surface... no mention of the Wii. Biased much, Bill?
    • Microsoft Surface -- It's still a really cool concept, but the demo that Bill showed was nothing new. It also looking pretty choppy and it didn't seem as natural as other touch based UIs (*cough* iPhone *cough*).
    • Total Lack of Xbox 360 News -- Sucks! They better make up for it at GDC. We want Gears of War 2, dammit. No Ultimate 360, no IPTV, no DVR, no HD-DVD... nothing.
    • Ford Sync -- It's cool and all, but talking to your car will never be as cool as Knight Rider. We're gonna hold off on this one for now.
    • SayAndSee -- A cell concept feature that will take voice commands and allow for things like finding movie theaters, purchasing tickets, and notifying friends all with voice commands. Again, talking to your electronics isn't cool, but it is easier than typing.
    • Visual Recognition Concept -- Bill showed off some nice future-tech that they want to eventually put into cellphones that uses a camera to recognize surroundings and display information based on what it sees. This could include directions to the landmark, appointments and notes linked to the place, or even people.
    • Bill Plays Guitar Hero III -- Bill was gonna play GHIII, but brought out Slash to play for him. That was awesome until the show ended aburptly and there was no Steve Jobs-esque "one more thing".


    So, nothing major announced yet, but interesting to see how companies are reacting. For instance, Toshiba is laying in defense for it's HD format, even after Warner Brothers announced on Friday that they are going to utilize BluRay exclusively. That leaves only Paramount on the HD wagon still.....

    Toshiba is also defending LCD displays, Toshiba claims they are "the choice for quality and value." whereas every other manufacture is pushing for Plasma as the future.

    As the show opens up and if there is anything cool to post, I'll reply below. I'm hoping for a screen shot of this 9mm thick 50" plasma.

    The Feed
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  2. scx1984

    scx1984 Lurker

    As promised, here is some more updates from CES'08.

    CES 2008: Control the Car With the Phone

    Auto Page has a fancy new service and hardware that allows you to control your car from your friggin' cell phone. So, from anywhere in the world with cell service, not only can you start her up, roll the windows up or down, and kill the starter, but you can set it up to send you a message if it’s broken into or if your friend speeds while going to FancyBurger at 3am cuz you are "too jacked up to drive."
    Ya know, we’re always tip-toeing the line between cool, useful technology and scary big-brotheresque monitoring. And the C3 from Auto Page is definitely all over that line. But, it looks like it might be affordable at subscription levels of $150 and $250 a year. Worth it if you wanna impress your date by starting the car from the restaurant and turning on the heater for her. Peemp!
    » Read full article on[G4 TV - TheFeed]

    CES 2008: Belkin Intros Skype Phone

    [​IMG]Manufacturer and supplier of audio, video and computer stuff Belkin introduced a Desktop Internet Phone for Skype at CES today.
    The phone will sell for $99.99 and features such features as the ability to take and receive calls without having to turn on your computer, automatic Skype login, and the ability to plug directly into your router for quick usage.

    Neat-o, huh?
    » Read full article on[G4 TV - TheFeed]

    CES 2008: Samsung's New TV, Camcorder

    Samsung dropped some interesting bombs at their CES Keynote yesterday, including the revelation of their new television.
    The Series 7 LCD's design was inspired by the automotive industry (and Samsung mentioned Giorgio Armani (!) will be designing a television.)
    Nuts-and-bolts wise, the 1080p television includes a built-in Ethernet port, USB port. 1, "Super Clear II Panel," display and that classic black and chrome look we like from Samsung, although look for color elements in the next-gen of Samsung's sets.
    "But sjohnson, TV is crap! There won't be anything for me to watch," I hear you saying.
    Not to worry. Samsung also gave some details of their newest camcorder, so you'll be able to create your own (no doubt scintillating) programming.
    The HMX 20 is a full hi-def camcorder. Price and release date were not announced, but "You will be amazed at the picture," J.W. Park, president of Samsung Electronics digital media group said. Thanks, J.W. Park!
    » Read full article on[G4 TV - TheFeed]
  3. Butterz

    Butterz Well-Known Member

    I'm a gadget geek, but I tend to hold off on buying until the market tests it out for a while first. Plus, the price usually drops pretty dramatically by then.

    I did get the iPod Classic the day it came out...but, that was under kinda weird circumstances. My wife and I had been shopping around for an iPod and couldn't find one anywhere. Finally, she found ONE left at a store and bought it; 30 gb iPod for $250.

    The same night she gave it to me, I read on Yahoo that iPod was coming out with a new line of iPods...lol

    So, needless to say, I returned the 30 gb one and went to Best Buy to purchase the 80 gb one...same price. The iPod Classic is actually a lot nicer than the original iPod, it's all metal casing instead of plastic and has a much larger hard drive.

    I gave that one to my daughter because I actually ended up winning a 160 GB iPod from a sales contest for one of the companies we advertise for.

    I've just switched off my Blackberry service and replaced it with a 'regular' cell phone (i850). Surprisingly, I don't even miss the Blackberry. But, supposedly they are coming out with a touch screen version to compete with the iPhone, so I'll have to check that out...lol
  4. scx1984

    scx1984 Lurker

    That seems to be the theme at CES this year. From what I have been reading, most mobile manufactures are building phones that have, and in some cases, rival the iPhone. The question people are asking is "Is this phone going to be the iPhone killer?" We don't even have that thing up here (yet) and I thank Jebus for that one. I personally am not a big fan of it.

    I don't need a cell phone that plays movies and connects to the internet. It doesn't need to play music or even have fancy ringers. I need a phone that when you call it, I can answer, and vice-versa. Nothing more. I need it so when I am running late to a site visit or training session, I can call them and go "Hey, I'll be there in 5 minutes." I need a phone so I can call a tow truck when some drunk asshole runs me off the road.

    When I am wanting to surf the net, I am sitting in front of a computer. That's why I shelled out the money for it. When I want to listen to tunes, I throw a CD in the deck of my car. Hell, I can even watch movies and navigate (lol with our roads that all go to the same place!) in the thing, so a cell phone with all those features is pretty useless to me. But try and explain that to the sales rep at Future Shop!

    As far as iPod's go, I have a generic MP3 player. 6 gig. Cost me 60 bucks. Plays music, and FM radio.

    Something completely different now: They showed off a projector, (I think Sanyo) that is extremely tight range. The unit only needs something like 3 inches to project a 80" image, 1080p and crystal clear. On any surface. And best part is, it white-lights it, so the walls don't even have to be white (my biggest turn off when it comes to projectors).
  5. scx1984

    scx1984 Lurker

    CES 2008: Prototype Curved Monitor from Alienware

    Alienware is about to make those dreams of yours come true. What’s the next logical innovation after HD and widescreen take over your desktop monitors? Curving the giant letterbox lightbox so that the edges are just as close to your eyeballs as the center.

    Now in prototype form, you’ll soon have the DLP OLED illuminated Alienware monitor which should be available some time in the last half of 2008. The resolution is a ridiculous and bunker-window-similar 2880 X 900. But while it may be ridiculous, it creates a sweet peripheral vision effect which works something awesome for 1st person shootemups

    CES 2008: Panasonic Reveals 150" Plasma TV

    More money than any one person deserves, that’s what we’re guessing you’re going to need in the bank if you’re planning on buying Panasonic’s newly announced, 4x1080p, 150” Plasma screen TV.
    The official price hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s likely to cost more than a mortgage payment. Still, if you want to play GTA IV while looking at a life size Niko Belic, is a mortgage payment or two really all that much? We don’t think so.

    ABC, MGM Bring Hi-Def To Xbox

    We touched on it in our keynote report yesterday, but let us reiterate this important point: ABC Television Group and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. will be offering U.S. Xbox LIVE members entertainment content via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace Video Store, in high-def when available.
    That means:
    • Lost
    • Grey's Anatomy
    • Dances with Wolves
    • Ugly Betty
    • Terminator
    • Desperate Housewives
    • Circus of the Stars *
    • Hannah Montana
    • ABC News Archival Footage
    We could seriously go on all day. But you get the picture.

    “Disney-ABC Television Group and MGM are two of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, and this announcement helps continue to evolve and diversify the content offering on Xbox LIVE,” said Robbie Bach, president of the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft. “The ability to offer such great content in high definition further expands Microsoft’s commitment to connected entertainment with Xbox 360.”
    *Circus of the Stars not actually available