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[RESOLVED]a question

Discussion in 'Site Help, Feedback, & Discussion' started by cymru am byth, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. cymru am byth

    cymru am byth twll dîn pob sais

    i was wondering how close to the knuckle can i go with jokes as regards to race, religion, sexuality etc. thought i'd better ask because when i joined filcabi i posted some jokes and all hell broke loose :eek: hence the "ethnic jokes" poll ozzie started
  2. SurfSarge

    SurfSarge misfit

    Re: a question

    Post what you wantmom jokes guy/girl black/white there's no limits...These boards are lightly moderated
  3. Green Tea

    Green Tea Tequila Mockinbird

    Re: a question

    yes, this board was created with freedom in mind ;D ;D ;)
  4. Butterz

    Butterz Well-Known Member

    Knock, knock...

    Who's there?

    Your mom's a nigger!
    footballbat and Jonny Quest like this.
  5. Rubicks

    Rubicks Well-Known Member

  6. Jonny Quest

    Jonny Quest What What What

    Dude, I dont know why I keep laughing at that......
  7. Butterz

    Butterz Well-Known Member

    Probably because of the blatant ignorance of it all...lol
  8. SurfSarge

    SurfSarge misfit

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 4, 2015
Thread Status:
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